Our Focus

Our Focus We build with precision and intelligence.

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

Computing focused on fast, data-centric applications. Statistical algorithms, neural networks and high performance clustering based on the latest deep learning research.

Computer Vision

Extraction of metadata and insights automatically from images and videos.

Data Science & Engineering

Data preparation, model development and implementation using the latest research and computing tools.

Open Source

Stainless.ai uses and contributes to open source software to both lower implementation costs and give back to the computing community.

Our Focus We build with precision and intelligence.

Our Services

Our Services You talk. We’ll listen, strategize and solve.

Data Integration

Clients from professional sports leagues to top-tier broadcasters and private equity investment firms trust stainless.ai to deliver enterprise-grade, high-performance software to manage their real-time data and media workflows.

Custom Software

When there’s nothing off-the-shelf that fits your needs, trust our team of crack engineers to build a custom solution to achieve your goals. We bring a combined 50+ years development experience across all technology tiers including databases, cloud, DevOps, web, and mobile.


stainless.ai has been developing cutting-edge software workflows for over a decade. We specialize in data engineering, streaming video, tagging, metadata, and all aspects of delivering a world-class technology experience using the latest proven frameworks. Let us help you design and deliver a technology workflow to excel at your business.


stainless.ai’s patented and patent-pending technology for analyzing video using computer vision and live data is a game changer for broadcast and streaming products. Contact us to learn more.

Who We Are

Our expertise and innovation in AI help you leverage the power of AI.

What does AI mean to you? At stainless.ai we are a team that is energized by the potential of human work enhanced by machine learning, statistical computing, neural networks and computer vision. Our work has helped enhance products and services for media and entertainment, finance, news, and sports.

Our Team

Dan Stieglitz
Ben Brown
Senior Engineer
Salman Shah
Staff Engineer & Data Scientist
Mark Kortekaas
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Doug Billman
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Our Toolset